Ariel Burgess

Illustrator/Concept Artist arielimg

I have been told I am funny, friendly, abrasive, a "Big personality", I am terrible about talking about myself though. I spend most of my time painting/researching, I travel often and have friends all over the country. I'm a bit obsessed with research and details.

If you are curious about my credentials I grew up in the Washington, D.C area. I have an associates of Web Design that I earned at Montgomery College. During my last semester I painted the Wheel of Time playing cards and was diagnosed with Dyslexia. I have since branched out towards film, storyboarding and concept art.


*The "Collector's Edition: WoT Playing Cards" won the "Best Licensed Toy/Game Product" from the first-ever The Geekie Awards!

I won the People's Choice Best Art in Show at JordanCon 7 & 8. As well as Judges choice at JordanCon 6


"Ariel was really great to work with. I had some definite ideas of what I wanted for the book cover for "Damselle in Distress" and gave them to her and she did a great job working them into the art, as well as creating some really clever ideas of her own. She poured a lot of time and effort into it, and I really appreciated the fact that she wanted to make it the best it could be." ~Kiley Kellermeyer, Author
"The client is impressed, I'm happy with the product. Everyone is super impressed with both her work ethic and quality. They can't stop talking about it." ~James Fox, CEO Dawnrunner Productions

"What a joy to work with! Ariel is intuitive, collaborative, and has outstanding instincts. I know it's a cliche' but her figures really do "come alive," each an individual with a personality all their own. The very competitive price was simply the "icing on the cake!" I look forward to working with her again... and again... and again!"
~J. H. Moore, Author

"I absolutely love the detail put into the photo. It was a pleasure to work with you and I will never regret commissioning this one and the one of her mother. An excellent engagement gift for us and a birthday gift for her mother." ~Freddy K.
"Thank you so very much Ariel! We are hanging the painting of Aviendha in her room" ~Ebony A.
"So I just received the most AWESOME birthday present ever which just so happens to be a painting done by you of me as Nynaeve. I cannot begin to express or thank you enough for such a wonderful piece of art that will forever hang in my home. And my husband was surprisingly sneaky and thoughtful in getting you to do this for me. Thank you so much!!!♥ " ~Ashley
"Okay, you guys gotta check this out. I commissioned the lovely and extremely talented Ariel B. to do this poster for me. How awesome is this?! " ~Patrick Kennedy CEO of Infinity Designs
"Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart from taking on my commission! Please use commission in whatever media you wish, flattered that you want to!! Your work is amazing, onwards & upwards :) " ~Kate
"Thanks a million yet again. I'm really very very very happy with it. It's all I could ever hope for, you really managed to paint what I had in my head." ~Sophie


The host of this web site is Infinity Design Studios. They Design, Host, and Market web sites.

I first found out about Infinity Design Studios while I was painting a portrait of the owner's children as a surprise Christmas gift for his wife. The owner, Patrick Kennedy was very happy with my Illustration skills and pleased to find out I am also a Web Designer.

I'm proud to say that since then I have been working with Mr. Kennedy to redesign the Infinity Design Studios web site.